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Welcome to NoNoNoYes

Are you tired of receiving a seemingly never ending flood of bulk- and advertising mail?

After death and taxes, the next unavoidable thing in life has to be the sheer number of advertising mail we find in our mailboxes daily. As Americans, we have grow so numb to it, that we mindlessly sort the real from the junk, and discard junkmail outright, unseen, and unopened by either recycling it or trashing it.

In other first world nations, Governments have instituted a 'Do-not-Mail' registry (similar to the 'Do-not-Call' registry for phone calls), providing you a way to opt-out from this kind of mail.

While our campaign vision is for the USPS (or the US Government for that matter) to institute a similar 'Do-not-Mail' registry, it actually flows from existing US laws and Postal regulations that every US addressee has already been granted the right to establish their own, personal, 'Do-not-Mail' registry in fact.

So, take charge of your mailbox by exercising this right, and inform your USPS mail carrier that you no longer wish to receive mail sent via the 2 main advertisement mail classes.

Campaign highlights:

  • The United States Postal Service is the only authorized organization allowed to deliver mail to your mailbox.
  • 81% of all household mail consists of advertising mail, 73.2 billion pieces of advertising mail were delivered in 2019 alone!
  • If mail carriers were divided in 2 groups, with one group carrying just advertisement mail, while the other group carried all non-advertisement mail, you would need 51 out of 100 to carry the advertisement mail alone! 
  • By offering extremely low, and subsidized rates, the volume of advertising mail has exploded over the years.
  • The USPS effectively carries all that advertising mail at a loss.
  • Advertising mail does provide a much needed income stream for the USPS annually, however this comes at the cost of all of us having to 'deal' with discarding it.
  • Even after mail has been delivered, you can still refuse it by writing 'Refused' on it and putting it back in the mailbox
  • Additionally, the US Congress has allowed citizens to 'erect a wall that no advertiser may penetrate without his acquiescence!'
  • By placing one of our stickers on your mailbox, you inform your USPS mail carrier that you want to exercise your 'right to refuse'.
  • Such a sticker does not run afoul of the 'Freedom of Speech' of an advertiser's right to communicate:
    • It is not the Government instituting such a restriction, which would be a violation of the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech clause.
    • There are still other ways for the advertiser to reach you, e.g. via Priority- or First Class mail.
    • Placing a sticker is an 'opt-in' system (without placing a sticker you would still get advertising mail.)
  • To unburden mail carriers from having to take back all this refused mail, our aim is for the USPS to create a Do-not-Mail registry, so that all this mail could be prevented from being send on carrier routes to start with.


    No Yes sticjer

        A NoNo and NoYes sticker, which one is right for me?

        • The USPS offers marketeers two main advertising mail classes aimed at different locales, target audiences while featuring different postal rates, shapes and sizes.
        • One class is 'USPS Marketing Mail', (STND PRST), which roughly covers 90% of all advertising mail. Catalogs, credit card offers, Non-profit solicitations are usually mailed via this class.
        • The other class is 'Every-Door-Direct-Mail', (EDDM), and targets local neighborhoods via postal routes, where 'every door' within that neighborhood gets the same advertising mail delivered. Realtors, pizza places and cleaning companies usually prefer this class of mail.
        • The 'NoNo ' sticker informs your USPS carrier that you refuse both the 'USPS Marketing Mail' and 'Every-Door-Direct-Mail (EDDM)' classes.
        • The 'NoYes' sticker informs your carrier that you refuse "USPS Marketing Mail", but want to receive "EDDM".
        • And while you are shopping, perhaps get new house/appt numbers, and letters for your name, to clarify who lives at what address.
        • Note: The sticker does not block 'junk mail' as there is no such mail class, it tells your carrier that you refuse mail sent via the 2 classes associated with advertisement mail.