FAQ for municipalities

Do you represent a local government (local, city or State), and would look to engage with NoNoNoYes?

Then this FAQ is for you!

Many local municipalities (towns, cities, villages, counties, states) consider the NoNoNoYes initiative worth supporting.

For one, many complain about the vast amount of recycling material that needs to be dealt with. Keep in mind that 63% of ALL household mail is advertising mail and 45% will be discarded without even being looked at. That's right, almost half of all mail will go to your recycling facilities without ever being read (Check out the Household Diary Study for more) but in the end, all of it will be discarded of course.

All that mail ends up either in recycling bins, or even worse, a landfill. Your recycling facility! And your landfill!

As such, municipalities and local governments have a stake in controlling the amounts of recycling that has to be dealt with.

Some municipalities might even think about putting laws on the book controlling how marketing mail is delivered within their jurisdiction.

A few municipalities have sought to make the sticker available for all constituents either for free, or at lower pricing.

A few common questions...

Can your municipality help?

If anything, you can make your constituents aware of this initiative. To just get the word, out and make citizen's aware of this option is the best anyone who is willing to help can do. Checkout the help section.

My city/town/district would like to purchase in bulk, is that possible?

This is certainly possible, at bulk rates. Please contact us in case this option suites your town/state.