Are you kidding us? We can use all the help we can get! :)

Seriously though, we can use help, and would accept it in any shape or form. We understand the topic of limiting advertising mail might spark raw emotions ranging from a euphoric 'finally!' to a resounding 'booo!!' given that this touches on the raw nerve called 'free speech' which is sacrosanct in US law.


If you can help please CONTACT US!


We're always looking for help and specifically in these area's:

Social media influencers / promotion

We'd like to get our message out, and of course the last thing we'd consider is setting up a USPS Marketing Mail campaign, let alone a EDDM door to door mailing campaign. Instead, we're hoping to generate a ton of social media buzz, and ideally some viral action that can spread the word.

Therefor the easiest and best way you can help is by sharing your purchase on any social media platform you use, to make your network aware of the existence of this initiative. Even better if you know social influencers in the social justice, environmental, civil rights or personal liberties space who would be willing to advocate and disseminate this among their followers.

USPS postal employees

If you are working at the USPS in any capacity, you may know of certain initiatives within the USPS that are along this project's aim. We'd love to be put in touch with anyone at the USPS who would like to further the cause of this project.

Legal / regulatory professionals

To bolster the arguments and legal underpinnings of this project and solidify it's place in society, we're seeking legal professionals with a specialization in 1st, 4th Amendment rights who are willing to help. Additionally, we're looking for constitutional scholars who can guide, and advice on any possible legal ramification the project might face.

Local, State or Federal Governmental officials

Local, State or Federal Government officials of any kind who see the merit in this project for their constituents are encouraged to contact us. We can advice on legislation you intend to introduce and work with you to encourage adaptation of our product in your community.


All help is welcome, please contact us!

The NoNoNoYes team.